VirtualBox 5.1.4 steht zum Download bereit

Für die Virtualisierungssoftware VirtualBox gibt’s einmal mehr ein kleines Update. Ab sofort steht nämlich VirtalBox in Version 5.1.4 zum Download zur Verfügung. Wie immer wurden zahlreiche Fehler behoben und an der Stabilität gearbeitet.


In folgenden Changelog einmal die Neuerungen:

  • GUI: show actual VM uptime in the session information window
  • Audio: re-enabled speakers for Mac OS X guests (5.1.0 regression; bug #15611)
  • Audio: fixed crashes under certain conditions
  • USB: fixed a hang under certain conditions
  • USB: fixed a hanging guest under certain conditions (bug #15747)
  • PIIX4: implemented dummy SMBus controller to prevent annoying Linux kernel warnings about uninitialized SMBus base address (bug #9517)
  • NVMe: several fixes to improve stability, fixed a crash while saving a VM state
  • VMDK: Fixed an issue creating fixed size images with certain sizes and the Split2G option enabled (bug #15748)
  • VHDX: fixed cloning images withVBoxManage clonehd (bug #14288
  • Storage: Fixed broken bandwidth limitation when the limit is very low (bug #14982)
  • EFI: fixed sending debug messages in the EFI firmware if a serial port is enabled (bug#12161
  • OVF: when importing appliances, make sure that the version of the embedded VirtualBox-specific settings is processed, to get the default settings handling right
  • VBoxManage: Don’t try to set the medium type if there is no change (bug #13850)
  • Linux installer: fixed some scripting issues (bugs #15701and #15702)
  • Linux installer: fixed a path issue on certain Linux distributions (bug #15717)
  • Windows hosts: fixed corrupted mouse pointers with some Linux and Solaris guests (bug #15665)
  • Linux Additions: made the video driver work on 32-bit guests with large video memory sizes (bug #15621)
  • Linux Additions: made the video driver work on kernel 4.7 and later (bug #15769
  • Linux Additions: converted a failure message to an informational one when drivers could not be stopped during upgrade (bug #15692)
  • Linux Additions: made the video driver work around an X server bug which cause screen refresh to stop (bug #15511)
  • Windows Additions: auto-resizing fixes for Windows 10 guests (bug #15257)
  • Windows Additions: fixed VBoxTray problems with Windows 2000 (bug#15661)

Den Download findet ihr HIER.

VirtualBox 5.1.4 steht zum Download bereit
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