VirtualBox 5.0.22 und 5.1.0 Beta 3 verfügbar

Kurzinfo für die Nutzer der Virtualisierungssoftware VirtualBox. Es gibt neue Versionen zum Download. Denn einmal wurde die Version 5.0.22 zum Download freigegeben als auch die Version 5.1.0 Beta 3.


Wie immer wurden einige Fehler korrigiert. Die Beta sollte nicht produktiv genutzt werden. Hier einmal die Changelogs beider Versionen.

VirtualBox 5.0.22:

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: fixes for certain Intel Atom hosts (bug #14915)
  • VMM: properly restore the complete FPU state for 32-bit guests on 64-bit hosts on Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs
  • VMM: new I/O-APIC implementation fixing several bugs and improving the performance under certain conditions (bug#15295 and others)
  • VMM: fixed a potential Linux guest panic on AMD hosts
  • VMM: fixed a potential hang with 32-bit EFI guests on Intel CPUs (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution)
  • GUI: don’t allow to start subsequent separate VM instances
  • GUI: raised upper limit for video capture screen resolution (bug #15432)
  • GUI: warn if the VM has less than 128MB VRAM configured and 3D enabled
  • Main: when monitoring DNS configuration changes on Windows hosts avoid false positives from competing DHCP renewals. This should fix NAT link flaps when host has multiple DHCP configured interfaces, in particular when the host uses OpnVPN.
  • Main: properly display an error message if the VRDE server cannot be enabled at runtime, for example because another service is using the same port
  • NAT: Initialize guest address guess for wildcard port-forwarding rules with default guest address (bug #15412)
  • VGA: fix for a problem which made certain legacy guests crash under certain conditions (bug #14811)
  • ACPI: properly notify the guest if the ACPI battery state changed
  • OVF: fixed import problems for some appliances using an AHCI controller created by 3rd party applications
  • SDK: reduced memory usage in the webservice Java bindings
  • Windows hosts: fixed performance regresson with SMP guests (5.0 regression)
  • Windows hosts: fixes for the shared clipboard
  • Windows hosts: Windows hardening fix
  • Windows Additions: fixes to retain the guest display layout when resizing or disabling the guest monitors
  • Linux hosts: EL 6.8 fix (bug #15411)
  • Linux hosts: Linux 4.7 fix (bug #15459)
  • Linux Additions: Linux 4.7 fixes (bug#15444)
  • Linux Additions: fix for certain 32-bit guests (5.0.18 regression; bug #15320)
  • Linux Additions: fixed mouse pointer offset (5.0.18 regression; bug #15324)
  • Linux Additions: made old X.Org releases work again with kernels 3.11 and later (5.0.18 regression; bug #15319)
  • Linux Additions: fixed X.Org crash after hard guest reset (5.0.18 regression; bug#15354)
  • Linux Additions: don’t stop the X11 setup if loading the shared folders module fails (5.0.18 regression)
  • Linux Additions: don’t complain if the Drag and Drop service is not available on the host
  • Solaris Additions: added support for 1.18

VirtualBox 5.1.0 Beta 3:

  • GUI: more multi-screen full-screen issues fixed for Windows host (layout change, host-screen reattaching
  • GUI: fixing Solaris crash in VM settings dialog, see here
  • VMM: Paravirt fixes
  • VMM: fixes on Mac OS X
  • VMM: I/O-APIC fixes and improvements
  • VMM: many other fixes
  • VMM: fixes for 64-bit Solaris on 32-bit hosts
  • ACPI: fixes for passing through the battery information to the guest
  • Main: raised the initial values for RAM, VRAM and hard disk size for certain guests
  • Main: WinXP guests defaults to E1000 (PRO/1000 T Server), better performance
  • E1000: implemented interrupt throttling improving the performance under certain conditions
  • Linux hosts: fixed several Qt5 problems when using the .run packages on recent Linux distributions, see here
  • Linux installer: remove old VBox kernel modules before installing the new version
  • X11 Additions: the drag and drop service of VBoxClient was blocked for 60 seconds during shutdown, see here
VirtualBox 5.0.22 und 5.1.0 Beta 3 verfügbar
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