Vivaldi Browser: Neu! XMas Beta 2 erschienen

Als vorweihnachtliches Geschenk ist Vivaldi Beta 2 heute erscheinen. Mit vielen neuen Features und Bugfixes. Wie immer für Windows, Linux und Mac OSX.

Lasst euch überraschen!!! Auspacken und für vorsichtige Neueinsteiger erst mal nachlesen, was neu in dieser Beta ist.

Vivaldi  Beta 2 Weihnachtsversion



Auf Vivaldis Downloadseite oder als Autoupdate der zuletzt installierten Beta/Snapshot.

Changelog seit Beta 1

  • Update fails on 64bit when installing for all users VB-10344
  • UI scale change affects name on tab tiles VB-10611
  • Xmarks Bookmark Sync does not work VB-10479
  • Omnidropdown hides when window loose focus VB-10573
  • Tab thumbnails grayed VB-10268
  • Regression: Missing drag space for grabbing the window to drag the browser VB-10540
  • Bookmark url data loss on changing name and switching between bookmarks VB-10341
  • Web panel missing favicon because of redirection VB-10449
  • Ctrl+Backspace in edit fields navigates back in history VB-10514
  • Spatnav highlight is misplaced when relative positioning is involved VB-10450
  • [UI] Buttons goes beyond border in add a bookmark menu VB-7263
  • Bookmark sorting dropdown unreadable in dark theme VB-10340
  • Vivaldi crashes if you close right after making a note VB-10308
  • No keyboard shortcut to focus panels VB-7868
  • Backspace does not work as «go back» anymore VB-10141
  • Bookmark bar should open auto when the folder set as bookmarks bar folder VB-4281
  • Speed dials should not play sound when thumbnails are generated in the background VB-9769
  • Mouse pointer should stick on X when closing tab VB-755
  • Fast forward initialized on wrong tab on startup VB-10303
  • Currently focused item upon multi-select by keyboard is poorly visible VB-7101
  • Spatial navigation code gets saved with the page VB-3905
  • Regression: Wrong styling when editing title of Speed Dials VB-10150
  • Duplicated notes and searches from document context menu with more than one open browser window VB-10183
  • Not able to drag and drop on bookmarks bar to last position when it’s a folder there VB-10071
  • Addressbar dropdown displays after defocusing URL field and needs refocus to be closed VB-9250
  • Autocomplete in urlfield first on shortest, but if equal length on score VB-10282
  • Fast Forward button still active in new tab. VB-9820
  • Bookmarks manager scroll position lost VB-10226
  • Search queries leak into Typed URL History VB-10035
  • Remove page title when native decoration is activated VB-9872
  • Weird border when native window is enabled VB-9903
  • Cannot add items to bookmarks bar VB-7850
  • Scenario 6: Folders expanded while dragging an item do not get collapsed VB-7115
  • Panel favicon disappears shortly after being rendered VB-10215
  • Tab cycler does not disappear when using Alt+scroll VB-9918
  • Thumbnail does not cover thumbnail area VB-10130
  • Up/Down bug in urlfield reported by Fendar on snapshot blog VB-10147
  • Dragging url from address field to bookmark tree does not create bookmark VB-10075
  • Window state not blurred when in background VB-10144
  • Some sites do not display a favicon in web panels even after a restart VB-10145
  • Writing/pasting local directory path in address bar does not display dir, trigger search instead VB-10106
  • After clear all browser history, restart was required to clear typed history VB-10067
  • Cant open new tabs after about 21 with side tab view. VB-8945
  • Scaled Speed Dials features half pixels VB-10040
  • Open bookmark folder only works with mouse click VB-10010
  • Typed history improvements VB-9659
  • Tab audio icon margin fix
  • Added a preference for enabling and disabling Fast-forward and rewind
  • Updated to Chromium to 47
  • Need to encode url before searching, loosing + char etc VB-3079
  • Missing Stop mouse gesture (Up) VB-10756
  • When turning on the transparent background tabs, shadows don’t appear on tabs when dragging tabs to VB-10700
  • When Native Window enabled, unnecessary blank space on tab bar in the corner near trash VB-5590
  • Find in page focus issues
  • Increased contrast on typed history
  • Trash can button misaligned due to span wrapper VB-10863
  • [Mac] Double-click on title bar works wrong VB-2736
  • Missing trash feature in Notes, bookmarks VB-2242
  • Adding a Settings option whether pressing Tab key should focus only form elements or also links VB-5494
  • No alert when a nickname already exist when bookmarking VB-2204
  • Add more entries to file and view menu VB-10731
  • Need a clear closed option for trashed tabs VB-3034
  • Adress field doesn’t offer default search engine in dropdown list VB-10609
  • Tab switching shortcuts mixed up VB-10771
  • Wrong context menu shown in Add Web Panel’s text field VB-10775
  • Find in page dialog does not get focus VB-10633
  • Closing Tab/Window not behaving like it should on Mac VB-2703
  • Missing ability to decide which panels to show VB-1789
  • Find-in-page bar overlaps page content VB-5475
  • Notes import from Opera forgot creation date VB-2283
  • Document focus keeps getting lost after having focused address field once VB-7224
  • Reload tab right click menu entry does not work VB-11075
  • [Linux] Update rpm/deb description field VB-10565
  • Esc doesn’t stop loading page VB-9969
  • HTML5 form validation tooltips missing VB-3275
  • Panel state is wrong in menus VB-8257
  • Vivaldi doesn’t start on Win XP VB-10897
  • [Mac] Doesn’t support standard tab switching shortcuts VB-10464
  • Tab title does not use the full available tab width VB-10705
  • Tab bar scrolling direction is inverted VB-8187
  • Search in addressbar cant be disabled VB-7583
  • Trash folder in bookmarks/notes should have a trash icon VB-10932
  • Horizontal menu setup is not efficient VB-11046
  • No default bookmarks bar any more VB-10934
  • Restore Search Engines setting VB-7195
  • Main menu update and loading is not efficient VB-10973
  • Japanese IME issues with Tab key VB-10715
  • Tame high-precision input devices: partial fix VB-8251
  • Press ESC to cancel drag and drop.
  • Trash menu label capitalization
  • Suppress focused tab styling
  • Typed url dropdown blinks when clicked VB-11169
  • One middle click should open tab previews VB-5511
  • Implement STFU feature VB-9607
  • Space was encoded as %20 in typed search history
  • QC should not have focus styling set to the input field VB-11204
  • No “show button” button in vivaldi:extensions page for hidden extensions VB-10939
  • Can’t delete bookmarks folder until a bookmark item has been deleted VB-10876
  • Address bar search with selected engine will put typed history in the search bar VB-11093
  • Implement HTML5 Web Notifications request dialogs VB-574
  • Make context menu for trash folder in bookmarks and notes VB-11004
  • Get Netflix working: Linux is still dependent on the correct FFmpeg and Chrome libs VB-10890
  • Bookmarks buttons invisible when you set ui to dark and startpage to white VB-10943
  • Shift Esc crashes Vivaldi VB-10963
  • Adhere to OS X scroll direction system setting VB-10929
  • Regression: Single key keyboard shortcuts not working VB-10911
  • [Win][Linux] Can not execute a shortcut when focus is on the menu bar VB-11076
  • Mac/dark UI blurred window controls
  • Enter stopped working in find in page dialog VB-11087
  • Regression: Bookmarks messed up VB-11060
  • Set font sizes and encoding VB-3970
  • Clicking backspace in panel navigates back in history on webpage VB-10649
  • Display keyboard shortcuts in main Vivaldi menu and other context menus VB-2417
  • Saving passwords does not work VB-11223
  • Shortcuts not working while a tab is loading VB-3879
  • Disabled inputs cancel mouse events VB-10304
  • Sorting for language list is wrong in Unicode VB-7864
  • Update Chromium 47 to 47.0.2526.80
  • Toolbar styling cleanup
  • Ctrl+k not working
  • ESC sometimes creating Tab Stack
  • Missing thumbnails: Trim the thumbnails at startup and compact the db every 30 days VB-4107
  • [Linux] Remove unneeded compatibility symlinks for libudev and nss from postinstall and postremove scripts VB-10562
  • [Linux] Remove unneeded dependency on LSB VB-10572
  • Tabs break when «discarded» (black tabs, tabs not updated) VB-11006
  • [regression] Netflix redirects to not supported page when trying to view video VB-11408
  • [regression] stopped working: first run fix (more work needed) VB-11406
  • [Mac] One shortcut can close two tabs VB-10837
  • Part of UA string stripped VB-11282
  • [regression] Initial spatnav target is not highlighted VB-10776
  • [regression] NPAPI is disabled: re-enabled on Windows and Mac VB-11358
  • Catch the fleeing audio indicator: handle the mute tabs icon placement better on Linux and Windows VB-11316
  • Detach tab menu VB-11463
  • Crashes when creating note when a folder is selected VB-11444

Hilfe und Unterstützung

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Vivaldi Browser: Neu! XMas Beta 2 erschienen
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