[Kurzinfo] Virtualbox 4.3.0 BETA 1 verfügbar

virtualbox-logoPersönlich nutze ich schon immer Virtualbox um neue Betriebssysteme auf meinem heimischen PC zu testen und dort allesmögliche „kaputt zu spielen“.

Nun wurde die erste BETA-Version von Virtualbox 4.3.0 veröffentlicht, welches als Major Update installiert werden kann.

Einige Fehler auch unter Windows 8.1 wurden im Bereich der Gasterweiterungen behoben.

Hier einmal der Changelog:

This is a major update. The following major new features were added:

  •  VMM: major rewrite of the VT-x code including many bug fixes and performance improvements
  • (for example bug #9659)
  •  GUI: keyboard shortcuts management (input page of global preferences extended with
  • possibility to edit general keyboard shortcuts for VirtualBox Manager and Virtual Machine)
  •  GUI: extended messaging mechanism (new non-modal popup overlays used to show noncritical
  • warnings and provide user with additional information)
  •  GUI: video capturing support (bug #4766)
  •  GUI: host touch devices support (GUI passes host touch-events to guest)
  •  Emulated USB touch devices
  •  VRDP: support for IPv6
  •  NAT: experimental virtual router mode: several VMs are attached to the same internal
  • network and share one NAT service (see chapter 6.4, Network Address Translation Service
  • (experimental), page 95)

In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

  •  VMM: properly handle NMIs on Linux hosts with X2APIC enabled
  •  GUI: update check uses https
  •  GUI: lot of internal stuff rewritten (cleanup and bug-fixes)
  •  Settings: global and per-VM default frontend configuration, useful to select the use of
  • alternative VM frontends
  •  Settings: limit depth of snapshot tree to 250 levels, as more will lead to decreased performance
  • and may trigger crashes
  •  Main: new event queue implementation which does not use the host’s native event queue
  • for processing VirtualBox events anymore
  •  Main: use the XDG standard configuration folder instead of .VirtualBox on systems where
  • it is appropriate (bug #5099)
  • VBoxManage: list more information about hard disk/DVD/floppy media, and support the
  • –long option to show really all available details
  •  VBoxManage: added support for optional command line parameters for the automatic
  • Guest Additions update
  •  VBoxManage: added support for listing active guest sessions, guest processes and/or guest
  • files via guestcontrol list <all|sessions|processes|files>
  •  VBoxManage: added support for closing active guest sessions via guestcontrol session
  • close –session-id <ID>| –session-name <name or pattern>|–all
  •  VBoxManage: added support for terminating active guest processes via guestcontrol
  • process kill|close|terminate –session-id <ID>| –session-name <name or
  • pattern> <PID> … <PID n> or guestcontrol [p[s]]kill –session-id <ID>|
  • –session-name <name or pattern> <PID> … <PID n>
  •  VBoxManage: added support for watching guest sessions via guestcontrol watch
  •  3D support: several fixes
  •  3D support: several fixes for Mac OS X hosts
  •  OVF: several fixes
  •  Keyboard: fix for reporting key sequences like Ctrl+Alt+Del for the USB keyboard emulation
  •  Shared Clipboard/X11: support for BMP-format images, contributed by François Revol
  •  Windows hosts: don’t cause massive DPC latency (bug #6242)
  •  Windows hosts: consider symlinks when retrieving volume information (bug #11962)
  •  Windows Additions: fixed misbehavior with guest display power management (WDDM
  • driver only; bug #11170)
  •  Windows guests: ability to track guest user idle times through the newly introduced event IGuestUserStateChangedEvent

Den Download findet ihr HIER.

[Kurzinfo] Virtualbox 4.3.0 BETA 1 verfügbar
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