Spiele für das Panel in Opera

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Wer ab und an lange Weile hat, der kann im Panel von Opera



Wie spiele ich Minesweeper

Notable features:

  • Keyboard or mouse control.
  • Green for 'go', orange for 'pause', red for 'stop'.
  • Next shape preview.
  • To offset the advantage of pausing, the shape preview is disabled for the next couple of shapes.
  • Speeds up the longer you play. Completing rows and dropping shapes slows it down.
  • Clearing more rows in one go gives you a bonus: one row has no bonus, two rows fives you +5, three +15, and four gives you +30!
  • Multiple shape sets that progressively activate the longer you play.
  • High score saved in cookie.
  • Totally self-contained, except for the big red 'O', which is read directly from the Opera Software graphics page.
  • Uses random shades of 'Opera blue' for the shapes.
  • Easy shape definition - add or suggest your own.