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Verfasst: 24.07.2009, 13:46
von moinmoin
Uziq (Thx for permission, to put it for free download. )

Die Pagescraper.dll greift alle Informationen (Dateien) einer Webseite ab.

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inkl. Beispielconfigs

Re: PageScraper

Verfasst: 17.09.2009, 13:18
von moinmoin
Info für die 2.9

- removed support for configs that were saved prior to v2.60 (April 2008). any old configs that use %Match instead of [Match] will need to resaved before using future builds of the plugin.
- fixed the ReadTempFile function, which got broke quite awhile ago
- the Blank Match Occurrence Text in GetScrapedMatches now functions as an Invalid occurrence substitution. So instead of replacing blank occurrence tags, it now replaces *missing* occurrence tags. Existing configs that use this option will need to be manually updated
- added alternative output text to GetScrapedMatches for when the Output Template doesn't contain a valid tag. this is useful for displaying "loading..." text during config startup.
- the Remove Extra Spaces filter now uses a different technique to be faster
- added Remove Extra Chars filter, which is similar to the Remove Extra Spaces filter, except you can now specify a character other than space.


Verfasst: 11.01.2010, 09:32
von moinmoin

v2.9.7 - Jan 10 2010
- Output options moved to a separate window panel
- added "Duplicate match/filter" right-click menu options
- the delete key is now supported for deleting a match/filter