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Verfasst: 20.07.2009, 16:02
von moinmoin
Ab Windows XP
Eine Sammlung von 35 Samurize-Plugins! Manche dieser Plugins sind auch normale Plugins. Thx to "uziq" for permission, to put it for free download.
Bitte beachten: Windows Vista/7 won't allow DLLs and EXEs to be copied into the Program Files folder, unless you give PluginPak_1.09.exe admin access. You may not be prompted for it, so you should right-click the exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run as admin, before you run it.

Zum testen liegen exemple.inis bei um die Plugins besser einsetzen zu können.


Re: PluginPak

Verfasst: 02.07.2010, 17:08
von moinmoin
Update PluginPak 1.09

AstroPix v1.1 - Gets astronomy pictures from
AudioPlayer v1.2 - Uses WinMM.DLL to play audio files.
Calculize v1.1 - Makes a simple calculator.
ComicFetcher v1.1 - Gets comics from
CommandBox v1.7 - Creates a command box over a config.
ConfigPosition v1.2 - Sets the screen position of a config.
ConfigRegion v1.2 - Divides a config into regions.
ConfigSlider v3.2 - Slides a config across the screen.
EggTimer v1.2 - An egg timer.
EventCalendar v1.2 - Creates a calendar that can store event reminders.
***** v1.2 - Gets quotes from *****.com.
FlashViewer v1.1 - Displays a Flash file over a config.
GlassTube v1.4 - Creates a progress bar in a glass tube.
HTMLViewer v1.1 - Displays rendered HTML in a window over a config.
ImageCycler v2.1 - Cycles through images stored on your computer.
InputImage v1.1 - Uses input actions to change images.
LocalFolder v1.1 - Makes an interface to a local folder.
MediaPlayer v1.1 - Displays Windows Media Player over a config.
MenuMaker v1.4 - Displays a custom popup menu.
MeterMath v1.1 - Does basic math with meter values.
MiniBrowser v2.7 - Creates an Internet Explorer window over a config.
MonitorToggle v1.1 - Turns on/off secondary displays.
NetFiles v1.1 - Shows what files are being used over the local network.
NoteTaker v1.7 - Creates a textbox over a config.
PageCheck v1.2 - Monitors a webpage for changes.
PageScraper v3.0 - Scrapes data from a webpage or local file.
ProcessInfo v1.2 - Reports process information.
ReadINI v1.2 - Reads an INI file.
RecycleBin v1.2 - Makes an interface to the Recycle Bin.
RemoteFolder v1.1 - Makes an interface to a remote folder (FTP).
SleepTimer v1.2 - Uses a timer to execute a command.
TextFX v1.4 - Draws fancy text and boxes.
TextPad v1.1 - Creates a simple textpad using input actions.
UnicodeToANSI v1.1 - Converts a Unicode text file to ANSI.
VisualPluginCalendar v1.3 - Draws a calendar contained in a single meter.

Also contains these small apps, which may be useful as input or alert commands:
DisplayMessage.exe - Dies ist ein einfaches Programm, dass ein PopUp mit einer Nachricht anzeigt.
MonitorOff.exe and MonitorOn.exe - Turns the monitor off/on.
PopupMessage.exe - Shows a custom message in a popup box.
SaveValueToFile.exe - Saves a meter's value to a text file.
ScreenSaverOff.exe and ScreenSaverOn.exe - Turns the screensaver off/on.
ToggleDesktopIcons.exe - Shows/hides the icons on the desktop.
TopProcess.exe - Reports which process is using the most CPU.
TrayClose.exe and TrayOpen.exe - Opens/closes the disc tray.