office 2010 vs

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office 2010 vs

Beitrag von yacine29 » 23.03.2010, 17:03


download here ... cine29.rar

Hi everyone!

today i am proud to present you my new visual style named office 2010 vs for windows 7, when creating this vs ,i had as objective imitate exactly the look of Microsoft office ,it took me a month of work with Photoshop,ms word and vista style builder , and i am satisfied of the result, it's a beta version that means it is the first functional version ,more mods and improvements are coming with the upcoming versions


1-this theme needs the aero enabled
2-6 mb of free hard disk space XD
3-windows seven final(i don't know if it works on earlier versions)
4-this them was created for 32 bit systems ,i am pretty sure that it will work on 64 bits but if it has any bug don't hesitate and tell me

features :

- a multi-color shell style,that mean each folder will have a different shell style color
- a perfect office-like windows frames
- buttons and lists were designed to look exactly like ms office
- a squared windows frames
- a new start menu look,with an improved transparency and clarity
- transparent extended start menu
- a new progress bars and the scroll bars look exactly like office
- a new caption buttons
-a transparent address bar and search bar
- a new taskbar look,glassy ,glossy and stylish,with a squared buttons
- a squared taskbar previews and transparent jump lists
- a new start button orbs


1- before you install the theme ,use the patches included in this archive

2- after you patch your system files and reboot your computer, drag drop office 2010 vs folder and office 2010 vs .them
in windows/resources/theme

3- go to desktop ,right click>personalize>and choose office 2010 vs

office 2010 vs with numbers:

-a month of work with photoshop,vsb,ms word and resource tuner
- more than 200 image edited with photoshop
- a hundred of proprieties added or modified in the msstyle
- three days front of my pc searching the way to have a multicolor shell style
- 5.12 mb
- a hour of work with photoshop for the preview
- 10 minute with Google translate for the description in the artist comment XD

upcoming updates:
- beta version: first functional version,some part are definitive
- rc version : all the parts of the vs are definitive
-final version:all the bugs will be fixed,the vs will be putted in an application which will guide you to install it ,many otptions and mods will be included "stay conected "


- if you wanna use some resources from my vs in yours, go on ,but write my credits

- feel free to comment ,suggest your ideas and report bugs

- if your English is bad and you can't express your problems,comment in any language you want i will use a translator

comments are welcome!

Tante Google

office 2010 vs

Beitrag von Tante Google » 23.03.2010, 17:03

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Re: office 2010 vs

Beitrag von moinmoin » 23.03.2010, 18:33

a very nice style. :daumen:
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Re: office 2010 vs

Beitrag von majka » 24.03.2010, 01:30

Wow, nice work yacine!
And thanks to share it (Especially for the good documentation)
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